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Igor Witkowski is a military journalist living and working in Poland, born in 1963. He is an author of numerous professional articles and over 50 books on military technology and history of World War II. He was editor-in-chief of two military magazines: „Military Technology” and „World War II”. His books pertain mostly to the development of technology. 22 of them describe history of the Third Reich as well and high-tech nazi armament projects and constitute his main area of interest. Witkowski has managed to get to numerous, previously unknown documents about it – not only from the West, but also from the East. His best and most sophisticated book is the „New truth about the Wunderwaffe”, which is based on information gathered for over ten years, mostly in archives, in various countries. Igor Witkowski wrote about other topics as well, his main publication in this respect is titled „How bin Laden will defeat America – plan for an economic war 2011/2012” (it was published in Poland in 2010). Witkowski is best known, however, for his books describing various aspects of the Third Reich, such as „Germania – Third Reich's plans for the post – war period”, „Wewelsburg – the holy Grail castle of the SS” , „Hitler in Argentina – Third Reich's strategic evacuations of 1945” and many others. Descriptions of some of these books are placed below. All of them have so far been published in Poland only, and the author welcomes any proposals from foreign publishers:

„The new truth about the Wunderwaffe” It's a comprehensive description of the Third Reich's armament and scientific projects. It's a hardcover book, A-4 format, numbering 335 pages. It's an updated and re-done edition of the book „The truth about the Wunderwaffe”, which was published in the UK by the author himself in 2003. It still enjoys enthusiastic opinions, and around 10 British and US TV documentaries have been dedicated to the subjects described there so far. During the ten years, that passed since then, the author has gather enough materials to be able to transform the aforementioned book into an entirely new quality, which awaits a publisher. It's a description of known projects, such as V-weapons, jet aircraft etc., but also projects, which were only superficially or not at all described in the West. Among them can be listed: the latest generation of the German tanks (E-series), unknown facts about the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, fighters and missiles with ramjet propulsion, and above all – the German „bell”, which so far has become almost a legend. The information regarding this device, presented in this book, are however completely new. This book is based on around 15 years of work in archives, in various countries. Nazi Bell info

„Hitler in Argentina – Third Reich's strategic evacuations of 1945” The title speaks for itself. It’s not a journalistic storytelling, but quite a meticulous work on the so-called strategic evacuations to Argentina and one chapter deals with the top secret trade with Japan. It is also based to a large extent on sources unknown in the west, or not mentioned in the literature – gathered in various countries, incl. Argentina, special services and the archives.

„Hitler’s underground kingdom” It’s about the underground factories and other such a facilities of the Third Reich. Some 800 were under construction and the plan was to transfer the entire armament industry underground by mid-1946. It’s the first such a comprehensive book in the world – there were only some publications on specific, single facilities. After deleting most of the descriptions of the places in Poland, it could be a single – volume book. The first volume is devoted to general issues, such as the plan as such, methods of construction etc. and to facilities in Poland. The second one describes facilities in other countries.

„Wewelsburg – the holy grail castle of the SS” Description of the castle identified with Himmler’s occultism as well as with certain plans for the post-war period. Among other things: the foundations for the future aristocracy of the SS (literally) were created there, such as the coats of arms for the higher officers of this organization. There is a chapter on the planned colonization in the post-war period, as well as on plans to create a new religion and to transform Wewelsburg into something performing the role of the „Nazi Vatican”. Part of the book deals with various mystical aspects and affiliated societies (such as general Weisthor – Himmler’s „high priest”), but there is nothing about the search for the holy grail itself, because I have described it in another book – I may therefore add it as a chapter.

„Germania – Third Reich's plans for the post – war period” It deals with various issues, such as the planned colonization of the east and the increase of extermination of the subjugated peoples, the peculiar political and social model of the new empire (which is a rarely touched issue), being a hybrid of capitalism, socialism, slavery, the new aristocracy and the ideology that was to replace christianity. Large part describes the architectural plans to transform the cities of Germany and other countries and to create the capital of Europe – Germania (Berlin was to be transformed into Germania).

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